‘A Safety Meeting’ – Manwolves

At a time when bands are on the come-up again, Manwolves have been par for the course, filling Chicago’s loyal music scene with their versatile sound for the past few years. Their latest project, ‘A Safety Meeting’, picks up right where the Evanston, IL natives left off while opening up exciting paths for the group.

The 6-piece ensemble continue to dodge genre-boundaries, building off their rock band base and echoing elements of soul, hip-hop and more in their work. While their musicianship feels polished and fine-tuned, they exude a sense of garage-band charm that makes it feel like they’re a band that you could’ve went to high school with—but a really impressive one at that. On ‘A Safety Meeting’, they take full advantage of the talent at their disposal, flourishing songs with sweeping horn solos and swelling keys that brighten up the already sunny mood their music puts on.

Lyrically, they conjure up images associated with coming of age, falling in and out of love, and other existential crises. On the surface, that might sound like some heavy shit, but they handle it with casual candor and humor that makes everything feel alright. Sometimes singing, sometimes rapping, sometimes something in between, they’re verses are poignant and their hooks impeccably hooky.

If it proves anything, Manwolves latest project shows this band has no interest in staying stagnant. Their songs don’t stand still—they build and blossom with live instrumentation that refuses to be contained. In doing so, they deliver an album that’s as easygoing as it is therapeutic.

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