Weekend Recap: The Last Days of Summer

Recovering from a crazy weekend or feeling relaxed after a nice one, hopefully, everyone got to enjoy what was the last official weekend of the summer. As we enter fall, we can definitely agree that it was a crazy summer for the music industry. Luckily, we got new tracks that highlighted our summer and we can only wait for more as artists prepare to drop collabs, albums, singles and more. Before we step into fall though, I decided to catch the summer vibe one last time and not feel serious F.O.M.O. while watching Rolling Loud posts on the timeline. Here are a few tracks that describe how the weekend went, should’ve gone or should always be.

Friday Night

After a long week, all many of us needed was Friday to come around so we can finally relax. As for those of us who still had to go work, at least the next day was Saturday which meant more sleep and downtime. Either way, infectious beats and slow rhythms ornamented the end of our week.

Almost destined, Eric Solitude dropped a new track, “Wander”. On a silky instrumental and in a gentle, fulfilling voice he delivers yet another captivating track. In only one-minute and thirty-six-seconds, we get to move into our Friday mood and appreciate the vibrations being offered.


Later on in the evening, I was scrolling through SoundCloud when I saw a repost by Robb Bank$ made a few days ago. My memory came to me of a song I had heard about a year ago back by Promnite featuring Denzel Curry, Twelve’len and some other artists. So I decided to click on the song, 4 Letters feat. TZAR by Promnite; definitely encountering an enchanting beat and soft chorus.

“4 letters will keep us together…”

Saturday Night Live

Scrolling through social media, all around people were enjoying the peak of their weekend festivities. From celebrities to acquaintances, no one let the weekend just slide by. Preparing with my own = friends, I threw on some tracks to get our night going. In the midst of laughter and screams, choruses filling up the living room and a lot of bass sounding off the walls, this past Saturday was one to enjoy with the homies and vibe out.

It’s clear now that a breakup song with a nice chorus only gets us to vibe out harder. “Don’t Need Love” echoes the importance of letting go, accepting a breakup and just living your life even if it means you still miss someone. If you don’t know who 3Fortiori is, just know they are next up. Opening at the Lit Up Music Fest last July in Miami, this duo has something coming for us.


“Chirp Chirp, do my money dance, run a hundred bands up.” Boobie Lootaveli, yet another Miami native dropped this track about a month ago. On a soulful, energetic Will Snow instrumental, he delivers some fire rhymes that help us turn up and ignore the negative.


Before heading into the week, Sunday is recovery.

Stressing for Monday, I decided to take the day to be productive and focus again. A new week means more things to align and do.

6lack dropped earlier in the weekend, blessing us with a new album, ‘East Atlanta Love Letter’. On the 14 track album, 6lack comes back and highlights his return under themes of love, revival, heartbreak, and forgiveness. He mentions his self-realignment on his pace in his career on “Scripture”, brings in J. Cole on “Pretty Little Fears” to serenade us helping your partner through insecurities, and on “Thugger’s Interlude”, he sings about what many of us do while ignoring our feelings and throwing on some trap music.

Hopefully, it was a good weekend…

And if your weekend lacked, throw on some of these tracks and vibe out. The week will be over again in no time and as we hit the many trials and tribulations life makes us encounter, at least we have music to help us through. Regardless of what you’re listening to, hope it helps you get by.

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