Growing Pains – Mafeni

It’s been awhile since we last heard from Mafeni. Back in 2016, I stumbled upon the soul/hip-hop artist’s track “Gold Grillz” and was instantly swept up in the warm melodies and reflective lyricism. He then followed up with his debut project ‘enjoy’, coming through with more of the smooth, sly sound he’d established and crafting a cohesive body of work that cemented me as a fan.

This summer, the Nigerian songwriter has made his return, and his latest track “growing pains” proves he hasn’t missed a step. Vulnerable about his emotions, Mafeni lets his mind run free. “Chasing my dream makes me go insane”, he admits, touching on his struggles as an artist with unfiltered honesty. The track also ends with a short clip from Mac Miller, and the song’s description simply laments “RIP MAC”. As a tribute to the late artist while the memory of him is still fresh in listeners’ heads, “growing pains” serves as a moment of reflection and a reminder to stay strong from the elusive Mafeni.

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