Watch the sunset to NEV’s ‘Solita’ EP

There’s an intangible joy that comes with finding music that just pops up in your Soundcloud stream that hits you at just the right time in just the right place. This was the case with ‘Solita’, a debut EP from a Chicago-based songwriter named NEV. Struck by the suspenseful opening track “Money In The Bag”, that feels like the opening scene to an old western movie, I stuck with this EP and am glad I did.

Comprised of 6 slow-burning ballads, NEV makes her mark on this EP by crafting the soundtrack to the twilight of summer. Time grows even more fleeting, and every moment counts—these emotions get encompassed in NEV’s songwriting and carried through her voice. Opting at times to distort her vocals, she warps them to blend in with the instrumental in a way that feels like a jolt of pure angst. Reinforced by ethereal synths and shoegaze guitar strums, NEV’s ‘SOLITA’ marks an exciting EP from an artist I’ll be sure to watch out for in the future—and I suggest you do too.

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