Get To Know The 305’s Southside Krooks: A Conversation With Nxghtime

In the age of digital success, the SouthSide Krooks come along on the quest to achieve just that. Since 2016 this collective has been combining their strengths in terms of networking, innovation, and grinding.

Our human nature and environment have taught us work and effort result in achievements and prosperity. Therefore, when pushing to make our dreams come true we make moves and aim for things that can sometimes seem almost impossible. Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to connect with Nxghtime, a member of the South Florida collective, Southside Krooks; through those calls and text message threads, I had the opportunity to revisit the art of hustle and flow through these young Miami natives. Get to know who they are and what they are working to achieve in the full interview below:

Southside Krooks’ Steezberg (left) and Nxghtime (right)

Southside Krooks? Why the name? When did you guys start? How many of y’all are a part of it?

We named ourselves Southside Krooks because first, we are from South Florida & second, we are all in one way or another krooks. I’ve been trapping for years & so have most of the other members. We’re all Hispanic and honestly, most Hispanics know the art of hustle or scamming lmao so we definitely want to embrace the fact that we are Hispanic. We were founded in June 2016. It started as something else (Savage Klan) before renaming to Southside Krooks for marketing purposes but there are 3 original members. Steezyberg & I started this around May 2016 and we asked Sori to join. – Nxghtime (Producer/Engineer/Manager)

“Our goals are big. We want to be the biggest stars on the planet. I don’t think we’ll settle for less.”


In terms of group development, how have you guys grown? 

In the beginning, things were slow, it was just myself, Sori & Steezyberg & a former artist who’s no longer part of the group. We were focusing more on our craft than on making moves but eventually, things started picking up and we decided to take the label approach to this. Nicokilla (our photographer) saw the vision and offered to be our personal photographer. We signed NoQz, Sori brought Klokez to our attention and we asked him to be part of the team as well as he’s one of the best producers in Florida rn. He got a Gunna placement that’s supposed to come out soon… Shout out to Cassius Jay. Eventually, we started expanding so much and putting so much content out that people started noticing. Our team is super solid now.


What are set goals you all have?

We’re a little family now. We always look out for each other. We always bring new ideas to the table. We always inform each other about possible moves or investments. Our goals are big. We want to be the biggest stars on the planet. I don’t think we’ll settle for less. Our grind and commitment to the game is crazy. Our next goal is to get signed. Or at least for one of us to get signed. Things are looking up though haha we’ve talked to A&Rs and gotten a couple foolish emails talking about offers.


I love how you describe y’all as a family because I definitely feel that the music industry needs that. What part of Miami are you based in? Are you guys from different areas of Dade County?

We are a big group. We only have 4 artists but behind them are a team of people making beats, people taking pictures, people taking videos. It doesn’t matter who in the group blows up first. We all represent SK. Most of us come from troubled homes or families so basically SK is the family we have. Most of us went to the same high school. Steezyberg, Klokez, Sori, NoQz, DJ Luxx, Nicokilla all went to Coral Park Senior High.


What can you say about your co-members and their growth? What does that all mean to you?

I would like to add shoutouts to them, everyone is hustling and putting in an insane amount of energy & effort towards our future goals. Shout out to Doubledropp for his work as an artist and also what he does behind the scenes. Shoutout to Nicokilla for being the best shooter. We went from recording in a closet to now having songs with Kap G, Wifisfuneral, Jesus Honcho, Nessly who are all signed to multi-millionaire record labels. We’re slowly breaching the gap between us and them. I’m very happy with our progress in 2 years.


Previously, I had mentioned an event you all had. You mentioned it was a fundraiser, explain that, please.

We had a show and the entrance fee was school supplies, we ended up donating the supplies to kids in need. There was a lot of things happening at the time, the parkland shooting had happened, X’s death. We just wanted to bring in some positivity ya know. Our goal is to donate a good amount of our money to charities or even start a charity ourselves.


Through these conversations, Nxghtime provided me with the chance to get insight on how a collective even works and expands. So many people are involved in the process of not only making the music and putting it out there but also, perfecting. Nxghtime’s work as the manager, an engineer, and producer only proves the importance of the spirit of work.


When did you personally get into producing and engineering?

I started producing nearly 3 years ago but I decided to go to school for audio engineering just so I can mix my team and have the best quality of music out there. DJ Luxx also went to the same school as me.


What school was that?

We went to SAE. Pierre Bourne is a graduate from there too but from the Atlanta campus.


Why did you decide to take on the role of manager?

Well, we are still looking for someone bigger than myself to manage us, someone who has the right intentions for us and our growth. But I take the role of unofficial manager because first of all, I know people. So I constantly see moves we can pull and bring them to the table or to a certain artist. I got us to open up for Young Pinch’s first show ever in Miami and we killed the stage. We gained so many fans after that night.

The hustle for many people is defined in very distinct ways. To some it may be going to school, to others it may be working two or three jobs, others choose to trap and grind. Yet, no matter what, people choose the best alternative in their eyes to survive but also reach their dreams. My talks with Nxghtime only brought me to think about the successes we all hope to achieve. When people offend or talk down on others, they are only scared of the light themselves aren’t able to personally attain. Yet, Southside Krooks only prove to do the opposite. They diligently work to reach the musical acclaim in swift, tactical ways.

Some tracks to listen to:


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